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היה זה באחד מלילות  יוני  של שנת 1987 ב

2. banners
(Front items/general)
Help to circulate the new philosophy and Logic by placing one of the banners shown below in your site. Holophany is a new paradigm that provides philosophical and logical tools to unders

A paradoxical statement states that, if it is what it states, then it is not what it states. For instance, "I am a liar." If I am a liar, then I lied in stating this sentence and then I am

4. How to Go to Hell with Least Effort?
(Mamblog/Default Category)
Have you ever wondered why this era, when information is so readily available, is dominated by superficiality? Why is it, that when there are so many books, people read less? Why do the language ski

Every emotion has a role in the appropriate situation. However, being stuck in any emotion - be it frustration or heavenly bliss - is bad, and it is a sign of deficiency in the person's abi

6. White Lies: To Lie or not to Lie?
(Mamblog/Default Category)
How often were we told, "be good," or "do not hurt others." Many good people conduct their lives based on the motto: "do not hurt others." Most of us cry or cringe with

... existence - 218             2.3 What is the purpose of Creation? - 220 Think-tank material - 224   CHAPTER SEVEN...

What others say about the book   This is a magnum opus. Like Sartre, Szalai expresses difficult concepts in a breathtaking story. Professor Harry Friedmann

...l? what are the parameters of force? gravity? etc.? - instead of more philosophical questions querying the purpose and meaning of existence. The empirical line of questioning certainly led to well-for...

What if, instead of an easy three steps to self-betterment, instead of answers, dogmas, generalizations and stereotypes, we simply looked and observed? What if, instead of yearning to feel sheltered

11. holophany homepage
(Front items/general)
...the worldview of the new philosophy and logic? Holophany's approach to questions such as Creation, the purpose of Creation, God, consciousness, experience and so on, is not based on faith; faith a...

12. The New Millenium
(Articles/SHET Sessions)
You all speculate about what the new millennium will be like. The New Millenium 31ST DECEMBER, 1999 - session 1002 You all speculate about

At times, you get stuck in a problem or area, and no matter the rationalization, you feel stuck. Trapped. This may even happen in a period when, in general, things are getting better in your life, w

Isn't it uncanny how one tends to urge the failure side of the scale to outweigh the success side when one starts aging? Or is it perhaps aging that allows such deterioration of perception as on

Q: I have what I believe to be minor, unimportant, blood clots in my legs. Will HRT be problematic here? I am doing homework on menopause. I have really gotten nowhere. Medical science has had suc

16. Heralding
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
SHET does not provide information as an external source. There is no ready-made definite knowledge waiting to be picked up. Perhaps, it would be easier to understand SHET as an interactive cosmic li

17. What is SHET?
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
Over the course of my life, when relaxing I have often experienced entering into a state where everything was blurred, spinning, like cogs within cogs within cogs that were revolving around each oth

18. Blessed Noise
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
Blessed Noise Every engineer has to struggle with noise in the system he builds, measures, or tries to control and manipulate. His best hope is that the noise will be negligible, or at least,

19. The Mapping in Action
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
.... We assumed the existence of logical mechanisms that we called "black boxes." The entire purpose for a black box is to stabilize whatever it interacts with. We have shown how mechani...

20. The Mapping
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
The Mapping The mapping is a discrete process. If we stand on a certain point of the evolution of the mapping (that point can be a pattern, a field, a numerical value, etc.; however, in this

21. The Logical Conservation Laws
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
The Logical Conservation Laws What is that basic principle that ensures that the mapping will stabilize some of its variables to meet the conditions imposed on it by a certain problem? What i

22. The Loop Logic
...m is full of inconsistencies. Let it suffice to say here that the structure of an axiom is a loop, but its purpose is to avoid a loop by rendering a linear evolution. The dictionary definition of the ...

23. Responsibility - The Ability to Respond
(Articles/Applied Philosophy)
Is it possible to take responsibility for one's anger? What does it really mean to be responsible? Responsibility - The Ability to Respond Responsibility is response-ability, the abilit

24. Holophany and Truth
(Articles/Philosophy - General)
The quest for the truth, or more accurately, THE TRUTH, is probably as old as human awareness; but why would knowing the truth have any importance? What advantage does knowing the truth provide? Doe

25. The New Paradigm - Life in the Loop
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...ory, man has held that the true nature of Nature can be known, predicted and controlled. That has been the purpose of science. But what if Nature has no true nature? The New Paradigm - Lif...

26. The Stifling Effects of Authority
(Articles/Applied Philosophy)
People often become blind; they cannot see things that are not in line with what they accept as the authoritative view. Such people don't want to be confused with facts, preferring to stick to t

27. What is the Purpose of Creation?
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of my life? Many people turned to SHET with this personal question, wanting to know their destiny. This knowledge, they claimed, could help them dire

Can you control your attention? Is your attention being controlled by external events when everything disturbs you, when the smallest rustling distracts you? If that is the case, then you certainly do

29. ADAM KADMON from Kabbalah (Cabala)
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
... The Kabbalah (Cabala) trying to describe the Godhead in human terminology introduces a hierarchy for this purpose. Thus, the Kabbalah (Cabala) distinguishes between the 10 sephirot in the lowest worl...

30. How to Control Emotion
(Articles/Applied Philosophy)
To control emotion one needs to control the constituents of emotion, those elements that create emotions. What are the constituents of emotion and how to control them? How to Control Emotion

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