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SHET Sessions

The New Millenium

31ST DECEMBER, 1999 - session 1002

and_god_said-detail_clara_szalai_1990You all speculate about what the new millennium will be like. Well, once you understand the loop, the speed of technological development will increase exponentially. Also in fields like biology and AI, where you have only started to grasp that you don't know much, innovations will increase. You will understand what information really is. Now you think it is data. You will understand what communication is. Now you think it is passing on data. Understanding these two basics to greater depth will change your concepts of the world around you and how you grasp your perceptions.

You will understand that communication is the dynamic of interaction that creates both the perceiver and the perceived. You will understand that non-linear dynamics is much more fundamental to existence than your present concept of energy or mass or quantum fields. You will understand that information is the meaningful make/break point of that non-linear dynamic that creates.

For example, in the beginning, you will have cell banks to aid you in healing degeneration. Later, you will have neutral viruses that you can imprint with the corrected DNA of an individual, and then the virus becomes the carrier of the corrected DNA of that individual. You will be able to induce that virus into the system of that person to heal him without it being compatible with anyone else.

In the beginning, you will continue with the creation of faster systems with greater storage possibility in smaller space. Later, you will not need greater storage space and faster access because you will know how to re-create memory. When you understand the super-order of the non-linear dynamic that connects everything to everything else, you will know the lawfulness of re-creating specific instances by targeting specific meaningful constellations from the meaningless everything-with-everything connection. You will know how to build the lawfulness and the mechanism that can make choices, and then you will have real artificial intelligence.

You will be able to improve food and water with information. By understanding the loop, the role of the communication "Dimension", you will understand that all living creatures are one wholeness, and you will try to preserve that wholeness.

Once over the peak of competition, you will have lots of time and a need to find new meaning for your lives, and you will discover experiencing to new depths, which will help you to better understand the loop of existence, and you will try to preserve that.

The end of the old age and the commencing of a new age is this understanding and consequent acting upon that understanding. Life, any life, will be worth both more and less - more in the sense of respect and "Awe" toward it and less in the sense that you will no longer fear the phase change - death. You shall reach the point where you know God through its creating lawfulness. So shall it be. Amen.



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