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...o something else. In spite of the fact that logic is the fundament of algorithms and computer science, it had neither the aspiration nor the ability to be connected to the real world prec...

2. How to Go to Hell with Least Effort?
(Mamblog/Default Category)
...ay uninformed claiming they can't deal with anything beyond their own chores while quietening their conscience by trying to believe that governments have special people who are supposed to solve t...

Throughout history, both philosophy and science focused on the defined object (the nature of this or that object or idea), which I call significance, ignoring the fact that any explicit act of definit

..., The Loop of Creation re-examines those fundamental conjectures and hidden assumptions that led to modern science and our present conception and perception of reality. Descartes' cogito ergo sum ...

5. holophany homepage
(Front items/general)
...g wholeness.   Logic General Philosophy Philosophy of Science and Science Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality ...

... Will HRT be problematic here? I am doing homework on menopause. I have really gotten nowhere. Medical science has had success and failure. Please tell me what you mean that I should welcome this ...

7. Heralding
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
...fluke, I reasoned, but perhaps not. I waited, and the experience came again. That second session was about science, about "unseen matter," which seemed total nonsense to me at the time. Late...

8. The Loop Logic
...the basic axiom came about. That's probably why there is no axiomatic theory of Creation. Today science accepts that there might be several right theories or models that could describe Crea...

9. The New Paradigm - Life in the Loop
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
An overview of the history of science points towards an interesting development: the de-massification of solid physical objects. Throughout history, man has held that the true nature of Nature

10. The Stifling Effects of Authority
(Articles/Applied Philosophy)
...preferring to stick to their beliefs. The earth was flat for a long time because authoritative truth ruled science and the almost sacred status of democracy is hardly ever questioned. The Stifl...

...y. They could be said to be unstable. They feel guilt-ridden, having too many unfinished tasks on their conscience. SHET said the following to such a person: "You get into something, then somethi...

12. ADAM KADMON from Kabbalah (Cabala)
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
...at this divine and scientific wisdom will flow from divine inspiration through people uneducated in either science or religion. ADAM KADMON from Kabbalah (Cabala) In later sessions, &quo...

13. The Mathematical Structure of the Loop Logic - Is that How God Thinks?
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
... in order to define the terms within which it is realized. Conventional logic is the fundament of computer science and the mechanism by which we describe the world of cyberspace and virtual reality, b...

14. About
(Front items/general)
...edmann saw it, he grew excited and wanted a dialogue with SHET. He asked questions about both Kabbalah and science and was very impressed. For years thereafter, he tutored me in quantum theory, cosmol...

...d involve one's perception (I observed it, I heard it, I thought about it, I calculated it, and etc.), science deals with a so-called objective reality "out there," beyond one's perc...

16. I couldn't find a shred of objective evidence to support the claims of Holophany
(Frequently Asked Questions)
... not answer Heidegger's question, "Why should there be something rather than nothing?" Also, science is unable to explain "consciousness", or free will. As you have remarked, s...

17. Something that claims to be everything is usually nothing
(Frequently Asked Questions)
...here Something from Nothing? and The Loop Logic. The full theory with its implications in psychology, science, etc. is given in my book, Holophany, the Loop of Creation. ...

Religion and science have in common the search for THE ONE, which is the basis and foundation of the manifold. Some accept that God created the universe but would like some more details; for insta

19. Philosophy - General
(Category Blog)
... and models were supposed to explain phenomena, the extent of knowledge, and the beyond. There was no real science, but feeble attempts to fit phenomenology into a given philosophical model. Pe...

In the 19th century natural philosophy - a branch of metaphysics - became science because it could provide pragmatic explanations based on the laws of physics and experiment when dealing with nature

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