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Holophany book. the Loop of Creation - non-fiction I wrote my first poem when I was five. It sounded something like this:

            My mother died,
            My father died,
            Therefore, I am an orphan.

My parents laughed their heads off and reproached me for having killed them. My mother said that my poetry was devoid of artistic value, but my father tried to be nice and remarked that although lacking in sophistication, it did have some logical merit. I was deeply offended. I decided I will never write again, I shall not be ridiculed. This decision, however, was like a pregnant woman's decision to not give birth.

I feel most alive when I am writing. I will never be able to impart the experience of happiness, frustration, elation, despair and joy that are my lot while writing. Whether fiction or non-fiction, from a certain point on in the writing, the book/story/poem takes over, and I am the spectator. Nothing compares to experiencing the rich emotional scale triggered by writing. And now, I would like to share some of my writing with you.

Holophany, the Loop of Creation - HEBREW

היה זה באחד מלילות  יוני  של שנת 1987 בו לא עלה בידי להירדם, וצמד המלים, בעלי חיים, חזרו ועלו במוחי  ללא הרף.  התהפכתי על משכבי הלוך ושוב, אבל החזרתיות המטרידה המשיכה להדהד ולא הרפתה, ללא אף מחשבה אחרת, ללא כל התפתחות, ללא כל תמונה - עד שקמתי ממיטתי וכתבתי אותן. ואז, מילה אחרת עלתה במחשבתי, ואחריה נוספת. כאשר שטף המחשבות פסק, קימטתי את הנייר עליו כתבתי, והשלכתי אותו לפח האשפה. התמתחתי, ועשיתי את דרכי חזרה למיטה, תוהה מה היה כל העניין הזה - מה שרבטתי? לא הצלחתי לזכור כלום ממה ששפע כך מידי לנייר. בעודי משרכת דרכי אל חדר-השינה, עייפה אך גם סקרנית, סבתי על עקביי, ושבתי כדי לשלוף את פיסת הנייר המקומטת מפח האשפה.

The God Maker - HEBREW

בורא האלוהים פרקים 1-3


The God Maker: How God Became God - fiction

the_god_maker_cover_webWhat others say about the book


This is a magnum opus. Like Sartre, Szalai expresses difficult concepts in a breathtaking story.
Professor Harry Friedmann
Bar Ilan University

Combining the beautiful innocence and profundity of Fynn's Mister God This is Anna with the captivating symbolism of Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, new Israeli author Clara Szalai has created an enchanting tale of self-discovery and the nature of the ultimate power. Clara has created an enjoyable and easily-accessible piece of literary fiction that entertains and delights as much as it challenges. Excellent.
Jane Bennett
Former editor from HarperCollins in the UK

I have wanted to write to you for a long time, telling you how I appreciate your wisdom and your ability to see life from another perspective. Enjoyed your book tremendously and I am now reading it for the third time, since I find it can't be read too often.
Suzanne Glick

Stunning, poignant and evocative
HAMEKOMON (newspaper)
Ramat Gan Givatayim

Clara Szalai brings man's inner journey seeking the essence of his existence to new heights wherein reality becomes imagination and imagination turns into reality. Szalai unsettles our beliefs about the essence of reality as we perceive it through witty but hard social criticism. The God Maker opens an aperture of hope to modern man, the man who lost everything. A very special book.
Boaz Cohen
GLOBS (major newspaper)

Scandalously intelligent
Doron Wakermann

This is one of those special books that awaken inspiration.
Liora Beit-Halachmi
Dynamic-Teams, CEO

I finished reading with great pleasure your book, and I wanted you to know that I find myself exhilarated.
Derech-Halev Help

The book represents a complex and unusual worldview... Reading The God Maker creates the feeling of a kind of journey into the core of a legendary world... Interesting, opening other angles of thinking.
Shula Frommer
The Local Net of Yediot Aharonot (big newspaper)

The book touches upon interesting philosophical questions within a simple easy to understand story. It's depth is amazing and at the same time, its simplicity. I warmly recommend it to everyone.
Dani Shimoni

Wonderful! So simple, so profound, so touching. It turns out that the nature of reality is different from what we believed it to be. The book awakens the appetite for more that without doubt, will deeply influence whoever reads it.
Dr. Yeshayahu Eisenberg

Holophany, the Loop of Creation - non-fiction

What if, instead of an easy three steps to self-betterment, instead of answers, dogmas, generalizations and stereotypes, we simply looked and observed? What if, instead of yearning to feel sheltered within our knowledge of the world, we refrained from the neat labeling and categorization of everything we encountered? What if, instead of looking for security, we embraced uncertainty and lived comfortably in it?


Holophany, the Loop of Creation, Table of Contents
Holophany, the Loop of Creation - Chapter 1
Throughout history, both philosophy and science focused on the defined object (the nature of this or that object or idea), which I call significance, ignoring the fact that any explicit act of definition implies the indefinite beyond. The act of definition is the fundamental paradox of existence. Can a notion, such as "absolute wholeness" exist? What would have happened if instead of "I think, therefore I exist", Descartes would have said, "I experience, therefore I exist"?

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