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The God Maker: How God Became God



How rare it is to read a novel that causes us to question our long-held, rigidly-protected beliefs about reality, while taking a serious look at why we exist. And yet Clara Szalai has accomplished this-and much more-in her novel The God Maker: How God Became God.  A nameless man awakens in a hospital, disoriented and suffering from amnesia, desperate to discover who he is and how he arrived at this place. With the assistance of a psychiatrist, he begins to explore, his journey taken even farther with the appearance of SHET the God maker. When SHET urges him to become God, a new and challenging journey toward self-discovery is begun. Unlike so many novels that deliver a story-two people discover one another, overcome obstacles, fall in love-this tale offers no quick fixes or easy conclusions. Rather, it follows one man who loses everything and embarks on a journey to rediscover himself. Blending Szalai's own philosophy of Holophany (the manifestation of wholeness) into this tale, we begin to understand that, as a result of his journey into understanding the meaning of life, the man he once was can no longer exist. In its wonderful simplicity, this story is also profoundly complex, making it all the more captivating for readers wanting more than the usual. In this book, they will find the unusual in its most interesting form.


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