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1. banners
(Front items/general)
... new philosophy and Logic by placing one of the banners shown below in your site. Holophany is a new paradigm that provides philosophical and logical tools to understand diverse aspects of exis...

... - first version - 96             4.1 The new paradigm - 102 Think-tank material - 108   CHAPTER FOUR - DIMENSION...

...nts. If we explore this mechanism, we ultimately arrive at an important question at the root of our current paradigm: Is this mechanism responsible for our perception? Perhaps what we perceive as the ...

4. holophany homepage
(Front items/general)
...   "And God Said", Clara Szalai, 1990 HOLOPHANY  is a new paradigm that provides tools to understand and control many diverse aspects of existence. Th...

5. Blessed Noise
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
.... The parameters, that are supposed to vanish under the hypothetically ideal circumstances within the usual paradigm, are not just some inconvenient, yet unavoidable, small perturbations around the ma...

6. The Loop Logic
... aspiration to reach totality through finding the common denominator, the ONE TRUTH, points toward the same paradigm, the same framework of linear thinking. That means, if I have many right descriptio...

7. The New Paradigm - Life in the Loop
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...ontrolled. That has been the purpose of science. But what if Nature has no true nature? The New Paradigm - Life in the Loop An overview of the history of science points towards...

8. God
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
... logical structure, the Holophanic Loop Logic. When man will understand the meaning of this logic, then the paradigm of God will be defined in different terms. And then, man will be able to exercise h...

9. New Age Monkeys
(Articles/Philosophy - General)
Since the contemporary paradigm is built on axioms that are considered to be self-evident truths, enforcing truth has been deemed a necessity. Socio-religious axioms include designating the good and t

10. The Mathematical Structure of the Loop Logic - Is that How God Thinks?
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...cific meaningful constellations from the meaningless everything-with-everything connection, is indeed a new paradigm. That the stabilization of a certain profile from the overall amorphous stru...

...scover the nature of reality and the structure of creation. As will be shown in the following, the required paradigm shift from "perception is our reality fixed within an objective world," t...

... Accordingly, the subjects associated with metaphysics are mainly topics beyond the physical world. The new paradigm of Holophany reveals that also the structure of topics beyond the physical world ca...

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