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Curriculum of Clara Szalai | definition, meaning, religiousClara Szalai

I was born in Hungary on the 2nd of April, exactly 147 years after the birth of H.C. Andersen. Then in 11th grade I met the knight on the white horse and fell in love at first sight (with the horse, that is). But since the knight and the horse came as a package deal, 4 weeks later I got married to the knight.

Nothing remarkable happened between being born and getting married except having been hated for being Jewish, for having learned to read at the age of three and a half, for composing music at the age of six, for making money by drawing people’s portraits at age 7, and even worse, for having discovered logical inconsistencies in Karl Marx's Das Kapital at age 12 (this last prank almost got my Dad into the jail). When I was 13 we immigrated to Israel and then again nothing happened for another 4 years, except learning Hebrew and English and acting. I even sang. I was told that I had the voice of a bird. I was immensely flattered, so blushingly I asked, which bird? A crow, was the answer. As if in slow motion, I saw my future singing career being smashed into splinters. I did not want to believe the critics, so I went to the one and only who could tell me the truth, whether I sang like a crow. I visited my friend, Abraham – a black raven in the zoo. I brought him an offering, one shiny earring (I lost the other one). He accepted it with grace, and hid it. Payment received, Abraham looked at me askance while I cleared my throat and started singing. His eyes lit up and he joined me in a duet. The more I sang, the louder he became, prancing, dancing, strutting. I understood.

During that period I also spent some nice mornings on the beach with Plato instead of going to school (that trick I learned from the odes of Francois Villon). I was reading about a book a day, and kept wondering, what was the meaning of life? – if any. I asked everyone, but nobody gave me a satisfactory answer until I met the Viking who had the bad luck of visiting Israel. He said, the meaning of life was to live, upon which I fell in love with him. I loved him so much that I was willing to follow him to the end of the world, which I did, eventually.

Before that however, I graduated high school and attended philosophy and drama in Tel Aviv University for a year, and only then did I take the trip to the end of the world, to the country of Erik the Red who discovered America before Columbus. Since the Earth is flat and I got too close to the edge, needless to say, I fell off tumbling down the elephants, and landed on the turtle. For thousands of years people were wondering what was under the turtle: it is turtles all the way down. I know, I was there. So I continued studying philosophy in Århus University, Denmark, and I prepared my doctor disputation about aesthetics. However, upon having finished it, I lost interest and never submitted it. Then I studied national economics (why? it beats me). About that time I started getting bored with Denmark and immigrated back to Israel in 1983.

After 20 years of marriage I realized that I made a bad deal having exchanged my personality for a name. I found a beautiful woman for the knight and got him married with her. He has been blessing me ever since.

I did many strange things in my life: I even worked; I have estimated art and jewellery, sold electronic components, etc. However, the most fascinating event occurred when I started receiving scientific messages from a spiritual source I call SHET. Having no scientific background, I decided to turn to someone in order to gain insight into the nature of these messages as well as to inquire into their worth.

I went to a lecture delivered by two prominent professors, Professor Harry Friedmann (a physical chemist) who would lecture about Kabbalah, and the famous philosopher, doctor, organic/physiologic/biologic chemist, biochemist and neurologist, Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz (1903-1994). The latter was an extremely popular lecturer, mainly known for his antagonistic attitude and his superb ability to chop anyone to pieces who dared to question his tenets. The hall was full, and it seemed to me that everyone had come to hear Professor Leibowitz. First Professor Friedmann had his say, and then Professor Leibowitz elaborated on the difference between moral values and individual needs. The gist of his argument was that every action we take is motivated by either our needs or our moral values, and that we can only live a virtuous life with unfulfilled needs if we replace the latter by moral values. After every second sentence, however, he inserted that Professor Friedmann was an idiot, a nincompoop, a moron, etc. With each derogatory remark, I saw Professor Friedmann shrinking, fading, and just before he became the size of little Tom Thumb, I felt I could no longer take it, especially since I thought that what he said was beautiful. I stood up and asked the esteemed attacker, “Professor Leibowitz! Is abusing Professor Friedman a moral value or an individual need?” Dead silence filled the hall. I felt hostility from everywhere, the thoughts of the audience reverberating in my head in unison: how dare you. That is, except from Professor Friedmann, whose ears grew red. And then Professor Leibowitz burst out laughing and said, “That is my need, dear.” There was much laughter, as if everyone in the audience was relieved, and the remainder of his speech was devoid of reference to Professor Friedmann.

After the lecture, Professor Friedmann came to me and invited his “savior” to coffee. We became friends, and he became very interested in the material I received from SHET. Being a religious man, he did not deny the possibility of information from the beyond. At that time, I already had some interesting scientific material, however, my academic background is in philosophy and I wasn’t aware of its importance. When Professor Friedmann saw it, he grew excited and wanted a dialogue with SHET. He asked questions about both Kabbalah and science and was very impressed. For years thereafter, he tutored me in quantum theory, cosmology, chemistry and religion.

Although I learned science through SHET and those scientists who came to consult with SHET, I only had their word that the material received was “amazing.” They visited me, asked questions of SHET, received answers, seemed pleased, and went on about their business. I wanted proof, hard proof, however, that my scientific inspirations were indeed valuable. Indeed, I received several proofs. For instance, when I was approached by a high tech company director (lasers) with a problem no one could solve, I received an exact answer from SHET as to the nature of the problem together with its solution. (Needless to say, lasers were not included in my philosophical curriculum.) The company engineers were baffled because the lifespan of their small state-of-the-art lasers were not uniform: some lasted, whereas others suffered an early death. Analysis revealed nothing out of the ordinary — the lasers all looked standardized and had equal outputs. SHET explained that, because the laser tube was so short and because of the relation between the length of the tube and the wavelength of the beam, the system performed on the verge of chaos. This implied that the smallest unaccountable influence could destabilize the laser’s activity, which might shorten its life. To verify the correctness of this suggestion, he proposed that the engineers analyze the output with more advanced instruments capable of measuring on smaller timescales than their equipment at the time could have shown. (Such instruments are not standard equipment used in the laser industry.) The solution SHET advocated was to pump the laser with certain pulses at random intervals, which, he claimed, should stabilize the laser’s performance and thereby prolong its life. The company engineers did not believe this to be the case – partly because they believed their state-of-the-art lasers could not be chaotic (their measurements were not indicative in this direction), and partly because they were laser engineers and had no inkling about chaos. I sent Sheike, the physicist I collaborate with to pull rank with credentials on the engineers saying, this strategy was his idea and to convince them to purchase the necessary equipment. We couldn’t tell them that their problem was analyzed and solved by a non-corporeal whatever that transmits its messages through a redhead with no laser background, now, could we? Briefly, they purchased the necessary lab equipment, and lo and behold, it proved that the indicated problem was the cause of the trouble, and furthermore, the suggested innovative approach solved it.

Such incidents were the proof I needed to embark on a long collaboration with Dr. Yeshayahu Eisenberg (Sheike). But first, let me tell you how we met. After a huge article about my special psychic abilities in the most popular newspaper in Israel, followed by several other newspaper articles and TV appearances regarding the SHET material, I became a minor celebrity in Israel. I was featured in a book about the "ten most amazing people in Israel" by journalist Rami Shir, and I have lectured and held workshops on the SHET material in Israel and Montreal, some of the latter for psychologists and psychiatrists. I was quite busy, lecturing and doing SHET sessions for people. I got thousands of phone calls, literally. Among the callers was a particle physicist. He spoke very fast as he told me about his thesis. We were discussing the state of affairs regarding modern physics, particularly the deficiencies in theory, hardly comic relief, but I became lively and giggly when we hit common ground, gossiping about a certain eminent physicist. I suddenly understood what he was saying. We decided to meet Friday night at 8 pm to continue the discussion. Being psychic, I thought I knew what he was like: Sixty-ish, tiny, portly and bald, with round glasses. At exactly 8 pm he rang the doorbell while I was still in the bathtub. I didn’t expect him to be punctual – punctuality is an unheard of character trait in Israel. I wrapped myself up in towels and opened the door. Oh my, I thought. He was young, handsome and skinny – I was totally wrong in my expectations, except the spectacles. I ran upstairs to smear makeup on my face.

By this point in my association with SHET, I had inventions and scientific notions explaining a different science with which – not being a scientist — I could do nothing. SHET had presented a new philosophy and a new scientific concept, and I needed a physicist, someone who could crystallize the scientific concepts into a mathematical formulation. I thought that, if I found one, I would continue to collaborate with him, that he could turn to SHET with any problem, while I would continue developing the new philosophy. As it turned out, while I was dreaming of a physicist who would turn the revolutionary scientific concepts produced by SHET into firm formalism, Sheike’s dream was to conceive a new physics, preferably with the aid of divine guidance. As expected in one-penny romances, the scene having been set, we fell in love (notwithstanding the setting, I think we would have fallen in love anyway, with a pastoral background of sheep, shepherds and Virgilian odes) and started collaborating. The constant mutual triggering engendered the final format of SHET’s logic — and the new philosophy as well as the new science became derivatives thereof.

Amazingly, the theory of Holophany, SHET, the source of the theory and my way of obtaining the information turned out to be one and the same infrastructure: the process of Creation and creativity. Consequently, understanding the philosophy provides an insight into a valid mechanism for “other worldly” communication and a rational basis for spirituality.

I bless Abraham, the raven for having directed me onto a better path in life than attempting to become an actress/singer. Today, I like to read in dictionaries, listen to operas, browse EBay, Skype with my friend, play with my animals, and I love writing. We live in Benaya, Israel with five dogs and ten cats.

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