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Since the contemporary paradigm is built on axioms that are considered to be self-evident truths, enforcing truth has been deemed a necessity. Socio-religious axioms include designating the good and the evil, and the evil frequently includes those who don’t accept the truth forwarded by some preacher.
Holophany and Truth

The quest for the truth, or more accurately, THE TRUTH, is probably as old as human awareness; but why would knowing the truth have any importance? What advantage does knowing the truth provide? Does such knowledge help in navigating the rough seas of right and wrong? Or do humans hope that such knowledge will light the path for mortals in the form of an unwavering beacon that leads to freedom? To immortality? Omnipotence? The fact that each proclaimed truth turned out to be a Will-o'-the-Wisp rather than a beacon seldom restrained seekers of truth from worshipping the next fashionable conception of truth, which seems to indicate that the belief that there must exist a TRUTH that will liberate us is so deeply ingrained in our way of thinking that not finding it won't deter us from stumbling onward in our search.

What is SHET?

Over the course of my life, when relaxing I have often experienced entering into a state where everything was blurred, spinning, like cogs within cogs within cogs that were revolving around each other. There is no up or down, nothing fixed to relate to, nowhere to be anchored - an experience that is both unpleasant and yet fascinating. Little did I know that this amorphous space would take form as a question/answer mechanism, yet it did in 1987. I succeeded in separating this amorphous space from my self while being engulfed by it and interacting with it, and it took form and definition as a question/answer mechanism - yes, SHET, whereupon the experience became pleasant and enriching. I named the extracting of information from this mechanism heralding.

Man can only understand his place as being in the image of God when he can understand the mechanism of creation. As presented in Holophany, this mechanism of creation is a logical structure, the Holophanic Loop Logic. When man will understand the meaning of this logic, then the paradigm of God will be defined in different terms. And then, man will be able to exercise his freedom of choice and learn to be Creators to Man's fullest potential.
The Loop Logic

The 19th century aspiration to consistency was proved untenable by Gödel (1906-1978) in 1931. He demonstrated that complete sets of axioms in number theory would lead to undecidable (and hence, inconsistent) results. The Holophanic loop logic is essentially different than Gödel's theorem. Including the indefinite yields a language of becoming and dynamics, which are implicitly part of the logical structure and cannot be avoided - so the 19th century dream of consistency a priori had to fail.

How to Control Emotion

To control emotion one needs to control the constituents of emotion, those elements that create emotions. What are the constituents of emotion and how to control them?

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