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היה זה באחד מלילות  יוני  של שנת 1987 ב

2. banners
(Front items/general)
Help to circulate the new philosophy and Logic by placing one of the banners shown below in your site. Holophany is a new paradigm that provides philosophical and logical tools to unders

...at I am a liar is true. However, if it is true, then I cannot say the truth, etc. The Holophanic Loop Logic distinguishes between first-degree and second-degree paradoxes. Within the ‘if-...

...p;               Holophany, the Loop of Creation  TABLE OF CONTENTS PROLOGUE - iv 1. IN THE BEGINNING - iv ...

...m the seen, or in other words, to reinstate consciousness into the cosmic recipe. Does this seem like a loop? It is. The Loop of Creation might bring about another turn in the history of evolution by ...

...nd lived comfortably in it?   Soon to be published:   Holophany, the Loop of Creation  What if, instead of an easy three steps t...

7. holophany homepage
(Front items/general)
...ould there be one generating principle for all aspects of existence? The answer is: YES. The Holophanic Loop Logic encompasses the long sought after unifying principle, the most fundamental processes ...

8. The New Millenium
(Articles/SHET Sessions)
... You all speculate about what the new millennium will be like. Well, once you understand the loop, the speed of technological development will increase exponentially. Also in fields like bi...

At times, you get stuck in a problem or area, and no matter the rationalization, you feel stuck. Trapped. This may even happen in a period when, in general, things are getting better in your life, w

10. What is SHET?
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
...itself by interacting with my thinking process. SHET is my inspiration, the source of Holophany and the Loop of Creation whereas the loop logic is the embodiment of what SHET is. SHET's logical st...

11. Blessed Noise
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...rization and definition, is being realized. (Read more about regularization is Clara's article, The Loop Logic) The principle of the black box suggests a new method of healing. This is how ...

12. The Mapping in Action
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...arts to generate processes when some initial inputs are inserted, and further, that the closure of some loops perpetuate the generation of these processes. We said that the main attribute of the black...

13. The Mapping
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...rently, the function that generates the evolution of the mapping is itself a mapping. This again is the loop between "structure" and "significance". Stated differently, the generat...

14. The Logical Conservation Laws
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...e paradox as the basis of the process of definition was put forward in Clara's book, Holophany, The Loop of Creation. Later we made some progress and we found the basic mapping that was the...

15. The Loop Logic
... of axioms in number theory would lead to undecidable (and hence, inconsistent) results. The Holophanic loop logic is essentially different than Gödel's theorem. Including the indefinite yiel...

16. Holophany and Truth
(Articles/Philosophy - General)
...enological entities, but abstract logical creatures. The lawfulness of the act of perception became the loop logic, a big step toward discovering the secrets of Creation. A new non-causal language evo...

17. The New Paradigm - Life in the Loop
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...pose of science. But what if Nature has no true nature? The New Paradigm - Life in the Loop An overview of the history of science points towards an interesting development: the...

18. The Stifling Effects of Authority
(Articles/Applied Philosophy)
...lightened ruler would function as a cell would for the whole organism? As described in the article, The Loop Logic, a living organism consists of numerous feedback systems, and the function of all the...

19. What is the Purpose of Creation?
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
...roughout this book in the Bible. He begins with the description of cyclical scenes - reminiscent of the loop - taking place both in space and time. Then through the most beautiful poetic phrases with ...

Can you control your attention? Is your attention being controlled by external events when everything disturbs you, when the smallest rustling distracts you? If that is the case, then you certainly do

21. ADAM KADMON from Kabbalah (Cabala)
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
In later sessions, SHET claimed to be PRIMORDIAL MAN, in Hebrew, ADAM KADMON ((אדם קדמון, which according to the Kabbalah (Cabala - Jewish Mysticism)

22. How to Control Emotion
(Articles/Applied Philosophy)
To control emotion one needs to control the constituents of emotion, those elements that create emotions. What are the constituents of emotion and how to control them? How to Control Emotion

23. God
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
... creation. As presented in Holophany, this mechanism of creation is a logical structure, the Holophanic Loop Logic. When man will understand the meaning of this logic, then the paradigm of God will be...

24. The Mathematical Structure of the Loop Logic - Is that How God Thinks?
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...oth became plausible derivations of the theory.   The Mathematical Structure of the Loop Logic – Is that How God Thinks? By Dr. Yeshayahu Eisenberg I wa...

25. About
(Front items/general)
Clara Szalai I was born in Hungary on the 2nd of April, exactly 147 years after the birth of H.C. Andersen. Then in 11th grade I met the knight on the white horse and fell in love at first si

What is the loop of Creation? How is there something from nothing? In spite of the fact that it is impossible to prove that anything exists beyond one's perception since any such proof wo

27. I couldn't find a shred of objective evidence to support the claims of Holophany
(Frequently Asked Questions)
...I found was an isomorphic logical structure (with universal realizations). This logical structure - the loop logic - implies that existence is a necessity, which answers Heidegger's question. So &...

28. Please don't claim exclusivity on the Truth
(Frequently Asked Questions)
What I disagree with you is your claim that Holophany "is a journey where no man has gone before." This is a very sweeping claim. What you have expounded in the website is no different fro

29. Something that claims to be everything is usually nothing
(Frequently Asked Questions)
... that is) is a logical necessity. To see what I mean, read How is there Something from Nothing? and The Loop Logic. The full theory with its implications in psychology, science, etc. is given in ...

... Holophany reveals that also the structure of topics beyond the physical world can be formulated by the Loop Logic, i.e. there is a logical structure to our experiences or any formulation of the indef...

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