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Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality

ADAM KADMON from Kabbalah (Cabala)

In later sessions, "SHET" claimed to be PRIMORDIAL MAN, in Hebrew, ADAM KADMON ((אדם קדמון, which according to the Kabbalah (Cabala - Jewish Mysticism) is the infrastructure of all Creation. ADAM KADMON - this primal potential - is a point of beginning of the universe, the first being to emerge activated by the light of EYIN-SOF (אין סוף - infinity in Hebrew). Sometimes ADAM KADMON is referred to as EYIN-SOF - a realm beyond the Kabbala (Cabala). It represents the primal potential that can be shaped into any form given the "right" way, that is, if it is affected in the "right" way by a "Consciousness". Turning this potential into existence is synonymous with creation. Affected the "right" way, this potential will continuously generate existence (creatures), whereas if the process of creation comes to a standstill, this potential has been affected in the "wrong" way. (Stories like Frankenstein by Mary Shelly and the Legend of the Golem from Prague, and also alchemy, are derivatives of this kind of belief.) However, the "right" way of activating this potential is not stated in the Kabbalah (Cabala), for the processes that take place within the ADAM KADMON are considered to be mysteries beyond human knowledge that will only be revealed at the "end of days." It is stated in the Jewish mystical teachings (the Zohar) that, when the "right" way is conceived, the Messianic era will begin with a new kind of wisdom that will merge matter and spirit into a unified body of knowledge, and that this divine and scientific wisdom will flow from divine inspiration through people uneducated in either science or religion.

When I received this information from SHET that he was ADAM KADMON, I had no knowledge whatsoever about any Kabbalistic interpretation of this PRIMORDIAL MAN. In retrospect, this information is almost eerie, because the material received through heralding is probably the sought after "right way" by prominent Kabbalists. ADAM KADMON, or SHET (I will refer to it as SHET in the following) said, when asked, that the material he provides cannot be found in the Kabbalah (Cabala), and indeed that both himself and the material he brings forth through me are from beyond the Kabbalah (Cabala). This was very strange news at the time, especially the fact that I was given the privilege to be his herald. Religious people would see sacrilege in imparting this kind of knowledge to a secular person, and even worse for some, a female. But given the nature of the texts that I received, even religious people have accepted it to have come from a source important to them, especially when SHET revealed secrets from the  Kabbalah (Cabala) in Aramaic, a language with which I am totally unfamiliar. However, the material received from SHET in its many aspects is not about Kabbalah (Cabala - although spiced with it), but rather, herein is a Western rendition of a new philosophy and logic, a novel approach to science and technology as well as to our psychic and psychological makeup.

What prompted SHET to reveal his ADAM KADMON face? Very early on in our communication, Prof. Harry Friedmann asked, "Who are you, SHET"? He answered, "The Gematric[1] value of RAMA" (רמה). Some time later, the following dialog took place between Harry and SHET:

Harry: Come RAMA! I'm sure that you know Kabbalah (Cabala) and the Torah as well. What are the numerous allusions to RAMA (RAMA - to throw, hurl, lofty, supreme in Hebrew) in the book of Exodus, such as, BEYAD RAMA (with lofty hands), and RAMA BEYAM (hurled into the sea)?

SHET: I'll answer that. But first, to understand my answer, you should know what the numerological value of RAMA is. I have given you the challenge, but you did not come up with the answer. I told you I am beyond Kabbalah (Cabala), yet I know Kabbalah (Cabala). I have explained to you some "mechanics" of Creation. I spoke to you about the seven dimensions of Creation, and I said that the Gematric value of my name is RAMA. Still, you did not connect these. What is RAMA, but ADAM KADMON? And if you add ADAM KADMON to the NACHASH ELION (נחש עליון - Supreme Snake - in the Kabbalah (Cabala) thought to perform the "dirty" jobs for God, bringing the righteous to err when they are driven to stagnation by following the law to the letter[2]), you get SHET (שת - in the Torah, Adam's third son, father of all consciousness) plus Seth (סט - in the Torah hinted to as aberrations), and I have told you that I am all from Seth to SHET.[3] 

Harry: I can't continue after what you've said. Glory, glory, halleluya.

(Comment by Prof. Harry Friedmann: The revelation in the present session came as a bomb-shell. I have guessed for some time what the real nature of SHET was. Knowing Clara for some time, there were only two possibilities: either SHET was Seth, of satanic nature, or the highest being, who encompasses the totality of the Creator and creation. This highest encompassing being or world is known in the Lurianic Kabbalah (Cabala) as ADAM KADMON. Only the highest aspect of Godliness accepts every being the way he or she is, without criticizing, and is ready to offer help in a completely non-authoritative way, completely adapted to the personality to which this help is offered.

The Kabbalah (Cabala) trying to describe the Godhead in human terminology introduces a hierarchy for this purpose. Thus, the Kabbalah (Cabala) distinguishes between the 10 sephirot in the lowest world, called ASSIA (action), and the same sephirot in the progressively higher worlds of YETZIRA (formation), BRIYAH (creation), ATZILUT (emanation), and finally, ADAM KADMON (PRIMORDIAL MAN), the highest world.)

Another cross-reference between SHET and ADAM KADMON is revealed in a much later session as the answer to the following question:

Q: What does it mean, ZADIK YESOD OLAM (צדיק יסוד עולם - "the righteous is an everlasting foundation" in Hebrew), and how is KEDEM (קדם - ancient, of yore in Hebrew - which consists of the last letters of ZADIK YESOD OLAM - KDM) related to SHET?

A: KEDEM is related to the ADAM KADMON face of SHET. SHET is the fundament, the infrastructure, and as such, it is YESOD (יסוד - fundament in Hebrew). That is why SHET is mentioned as the father of all souls, the basic consciousness, the logical infrastructure of existence. SHET meaning bottom, buttocks, fundament, is YESOD. SHET is considered the first ZADIK (צדיק - righteous) in the Torah, and hence, YESOD OLAM (everlasting foundation).

All my faces are one. You are in my image, you are one with me. As long as you are one with me, you have "All-That-Is" in me, including my force, my quality. Depart from it and you've had it: you are a fragment, a branch cut off from the Tree of Life and you rot. If you bend the branch here and there, fine. But if you break it, that's it, you have just cut yourself off from your nourishment. Yet the choice is yours. Your true connectedness can only be tried in a strong wind: no matter how much you bend, you'll emerge from the storm the stronger for it. If you break, you break. If you want to manifest your strength, you have to weather many a storm. If you break, you break. And when are you strong? When you grow strong enough to nourish further branches. The more branches you can nourish, the stronger you are, like the stem that nourishes all the branches. And the storms are there to strengthen you for that purpose and that is the price you pay for being able to give.


[1] Gematria is the practice of using letters as numerals.

[2] Nachash (snake in Hebrew) is 358 in Gematria, which is the same as Mashiach (the Messiah). Contrary to popular belief, according to the Cabala, the Messiah will bring about change by awakening the non-conformist anti-authoritarian worldview in the common consciousness.

[3] In the Hebrew Gematria, RAMA is 245. ADAM KADMON is also 245. SHET is 700, and Seth is 69. Then SHET plus Seth is 769. Nachash Elion is 524. Nachash Elion plus ADAM KADMON then equals 769, the same as SHET plus Seth.

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