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1. The God Maker - HEBREW
בורא האלוהים פרקים 1-3     בורא האל

2. banners
(Front items/general)
Help to circulate the new philosophy and Logic by placing one of the banners shown below in your site. Holophany is a new paradigm that provides philosophical and logical tools to unders

...iar. If I am not a liar, then I am saying the truth and the sentence stating that I am a liar is true. However, if it is true, then I cannot say the truth, etc. Can Paradoxes Lead to Consistenc...

4. How to Go to Hell with Least Effort?
(Mamblog/Default Category)
...obal warming, the disappearance of honeybees, the daily extinction of animal and plant species? How to Go to Hell with Least Effort? Have you ever wondered why this era, when information...

Every emotion has a role in the appropriate situation. However, being stuck in any emotion - be it frustration or heavenly bliss - is bad, and it is a sign of deficiency in the person's abi

6. White Lies: To Lie or not to Lie?
(Mamblog/Default Category)
How often were we told, "be good," or "do not hurt others." Many good people conduct their lives based on the motto: "do not hurt others." Most of us cry or cringe with


8. Welcome
New! New! New! The God Maker - How God Became God has been published! Click on the BOOKS section חדש! חדש! חדש! 

...from HarperCollins in the UK I have wanted to write to you for a long time, telling you how I appreciate your wisdom and your ability to see life from another perspective. Enjoyed your ...

...knowledge could then serve as the basis of philosophy, science and other fields of human endeavor. But how could one know anything with absolute certainty? How could one identify an indubitable truth?...

...the defined state of affairs, and instead, we need to focus on the process of defining, and indeed, on how these defined states were generated. But letting go of our attachments leaves us in a void, a...

12. holophany homepage
(Front items/general)
...s and personal dogmas that instead of setting us free, imprisoned us in straitjackets of beliefs about how things are or how they should be. Holophany provides the means for the exodus from this slave...

13. The New Millenium
(Articles/SHET Sessions)
... Understanding these two basics to greater depth will change your concepts of the world around you and how you grasp your perceptions. You will understand that communication is the dyn...

...continue its motion unless stopped or, it will stay put unless moved. There is the familiar: no matter how bad it is, no matter how much suffering it causes, no matter how much you hold on with your t...

Isn't it uncanny how one tends to urge the failure side of the scale to outweigh the success side when one starts aging? Or is it perhaps aging that allows such deterioration of perception as on

...at I should welcome this period in my life. My rhythms are up and down, hot and cold. I don't know how to cope with this. Where to examine my beliefs in the psychic structure? In the spirit...

17. Heralding
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
... this infinite and indefinite knowledge means defining, and thereby, actually creating it. As will be shown, definition creates. Consequently, the kind of information I receive from SHET is precisely ...

18. What is SHET?
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
...e became pleasant and enriching. I named the extracting of information from this mechanism heralding. (How I herald is described in the article, Heralding) But who or what is SHET? In Hebrew SH...

19. Blessed Noise
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...ack box. In a non-linear world, wherein definition is discretization, discretization is averaging, and how we average defines (non-linearly) what is being averaged, it could be said that how we attain...

20. The Mapping in Action
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
  The Mapping in Action  To understand how re-establishing the consistency of a system can be equivalent to stabilization, how a given problem can be translated into the bound

21. The Mapping
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
... point of the evolution of the mapping (that point can be a pattern, a field, a numerical value, etc.; however, in this exposition we assume that this point is a numerical value), the next point of th...

22. The Logical Conservation Laws
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
...ical principles rather than of physical constants. It is the essence of the logical structure. This is how SHET posited this idea long before we had its realization: "The right infinitesimal gaug...

23. The Loop Logic
...riori had to fail. The Loop Logic I recall asking the math teacher in ninth grade, "How do you know that 1 is 1?" "That's an axiom," he said. "An axio...

24. Responsibility - The Ability to Respond
(Articles/Applied Philosophy)
...alue from a complex emotion or state of being creates the illusion that the situation has disappeared; however, it will be re-awakened if some related parts remain untreated. When the latter get activ...

25. Holophany and Truth
(Articles/Philosophy - General)
...ted and decreed through universal consensus, even then, could we assume that indeed, it was THE TRUTH? How would we know it from all the previous proclamations that turned out to be false leads? ...

26. The New Paradigm - Life in the Loop
(Articles/Philosophy of Science and Science)
... observers. Space became more fluid, dependent on velocity and the observer in its own inertial frame. However, although space and time lost their absolute status, it was still hoped that activities c...

27. The Stifling Effects of Authority
(Articles/Applied Philosophy)
...#39;t imposing democracy be an act of dictatorship? Yet democratization (also by force) is a fact that however paradoxical, the definition of democracy allows. Democratization and an aspiration to glo...

28. What is the Purpose of Creation?
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
...erficially skim over Ecclesiastes[1] (for the new generation, that's a book in the Old Testament). However, if you take a deeper look, King Solomon, who is considered the wisest of men, reveals th...

... you, when the smallest rustling distracts you? If that is the case, then you certainly don't know how to handle energy. Is your life precisely what you wish it to be? If the answer is no, no matt...

30. ADAM KADMON from Kabbalah (Cabala)
(Articles/Metaphysics and Rational Spirituality)
...ly and the Legend of the Golem from Prague, and also alchemy, are derivatives of this kind of belief.) However, the "right" way of activating this potential is not stated in the Kabbalah (Ca...

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