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SHET Sessions

What Happens at Death, Self-Awareness and Menopause

Q: I have what I believe to be minor, unimportant, blood clots in my legs. Are they a potential problem? Do I need any medication or is diet and exercise sufficient to alleviate this? Will HRT be problematic here?

I was told that I am a borderline case of osteoporosis. My bones are naturally light and tiny. I am not sure whether to take this seriously. What do you see? You made me aware of my bad habit of attacking my structure. I believe I am improving in that area. What more can you recommend for me to work on?

I am doing homework on menopause. I have really gotten nowhere. Medical science has had success and failure. Clearly, doctors do not have the whole picture or all the answers and often do not have the time to gain a larger picture. We have a mania for being young in our bodies. We assume youth as beauty and physically healthy. Yet, we have sick young people as well. Does HRT help the body to remain healthy?

Please tell me what you mean that I should welcome this period in my life. My rhythms are up and down, hot and cold. I don't know how to cope with this.

My doctor wants me to have my ovaries taken out (he says they are almost functionless), because he is afraid of ovarian cancer, and then he will give me HRT. Women cancers run in my family. My father died from cancer. My mother's father died from cancer. My grandmother from a heart attack. However, I am uncertain here.

I like the idea of a long lifetime. Actually, my retirement plan is to be ninety years plus and teach young folks Holophany. So you see, I can't die before I reach 100 plus. Also, to be sickly or decrepit is out of the question. So...

HRT or not?

Ovaries out or not?

HRT with ovaries?

HRT without ovaries?

Am I too overweight for my good health?

Where to examine my beliefs in the psychic structure?

In the spiritual realm, where to look? I need a comprehensive spiritual, psychical and physical examination.

Yes, I choose life... curiosity, creativity, gaiety, responsibility and to experience to depth and width all I love.

When one is conceived and born and can experience one's identity, is that the birth of the awareness of the role? Is there an awareness of the role before birth? Is a person an identity only as long as he is aware of his role? Is a person aware of his death? Is death more like a dream state? If so, then is communication with living people only in the imagination of living people and have no relation to the perception of the dead? Is it that some deceased people are aware and do attempt to communicate? When do processes stop? When does experience stop? What kind of choices and creative possibilities await dead people? What do you mean when you say to "shed the role" or to undress the beliefs? How does this work? This seems to be an activity that could be advantageous to my life.

I choose life and inspiration. Isn't inspiration the ultimate of awareness? Can an awareness be and not be an identity? Can I say that your identity is the structure we now call lawfulness and the lawfulness is your awareness? Is awareness meaningful relations? Is inspiration that click of meaningful relations? Is the structure as we see it, an identity? Do we identify that structure as a role? Then I can ask what role does the lawfulness play in my life? And here the game begins.

It is not easy to be your student. It is a pleasure though.

Dear child. Life is uncertainty and full of surprises. This is a beautiful problem to sharpen your intellectual claws with. The problem is full of unknowns, and yet you have to take action, and you want the optimum solution, so how to choose? Take the possibilities and categorize to the best of your knowledge what is uncertain and what is certain. That you suffer from the menopausal symptoms, is certain. That it considerably reduces your quality of life, is certain. How long it will last, is uncertain - it might be a few more months and it might last for the next 20 years. If you take HRT, with or without the genetic tendency for cancer, whether you get cancer from it, is uncertain. If you take HRT, that the neurotic and depression symptoms reside, that's certain and perhaps, it could also slow down your osteoporosis. From that, the rational conclusion is, take HRT. There is the additional factor of what you call blood clots, which is not much risk if your massage it, exercise and take minor amounts of aspirin or something similar to lessen the risk of blood clots. Of course, also a "right" way of relating, which means, displacing the stress factors - not what causes stress but how you relate to what you consider stressful situations. That's a psychic exercise: when you are upset, even if you have rationalized it so that you have all the reasons to be upset, change how you relate to it in real time when it happens and see what you can learn from it, how someone else who would not get upset by same would relate to it, how you could tell the story so it is funny, etc. Use your creativity.

An additional exercise would be, look at how you relate, which means, relate to your relation instead of relating to the thing. The thing is anyway your "Perception", meaning, the situation is as it seems to be because that's how you perceive it. When you relate to it as such, when you recognize that the situation is your perception, then you can change that, you can change how you perceive it and consequently, that changes the situation.

I see no urgency to take your ovaries out now. They still function, and you do not need the unnecessary stress for your body. Later, if it becomes relevant, you could take up the subject again. Taking HRT should be a gradual process, which means, small amounts to start with and then see how to adjust it. It might be wise to keep adjusting the supplement according to your body's feedback. Listen to your body. Most women won't benefit from it in the long term. 

Indeed, this is a period that you ought to welcome in your life. The change of rhythm is a new life with different stabilizations of focus, a different outlook that is no less enriching, to say the least. Usually, periods of phase change (not death) from one state to another are stressful, but once you settle in into a new phase in your life, it can be very rewarding - of course, depending on whether you are willing to explore and enjoy the gift or would rather moan and mourn what is not.

Self-awareness is the "Awareness" of the role, which comes later than being born. It comes with some learning, when a structure is created by being aware of the environment in the sense, that the process of definition is activated. That means, when a child starts perceiving, he is aware in a sense, but does not perceive anything because nothing has meaning for him. Things start to gain meaning, when he has enough definitions to stabilize something from the amorphous perception, which is the basis of the definition process, which in itself only gains meaning when the child successfully defined something that has meaning for him. When there is a wide enough basis of such awareness, the new person can become self-aware, which is a new stage in the process of definition. That's when experiencing one's role gains meaning as being one's role or self.

Before the person is born, it has a different kind of awareness, an awareness of multiple-roles as the self, a kind of superposition, which means, it can be any role, but it is no role really. The moment it becomes one role, it usually loses the double-looking, which has to be re-learned from the state of identifying with the role. Nevertheless, being born, choosing the general circumstances for one's existence is a kind of choice from this superposition and of course, the collapse comes at the expense of the superposition - usually. So yes, a person is an identity only as long as he can experience his role, as long as he can relate to a self that has more weight than other possible selves.

Some are aware of dying and some are not. The more one is stuck in a role, the less aware he is of the phase change (death), and the longer it takes to shed the roles. Of course, "longer" refers to your time-concept, not his. When one is unaware of dying, he experiences something like a dream state, only with more continuity.

Everything is one's perception only. If many people perceive a phenomenon, then that's many people's perceptions, not the phenomenon. Consequently, the wider self, the one that has shed many roles, can be focused in a new role, and yet, be perceived as being his earlier role. Since difference is a matter of perception of viewpoints, the same entity can be perceived as different roles by different viewpoints. Basically there only is All-That-Is, yet it is perceived as variety. That is so because perception means definition, which means relations of difference, or it would have no meaning.

Experience does not really stop, only awareness of the experience when you experience without meaning. For instance, this could be deep sleep, or in other words, experiencing kind of nothing, which means, experiencing no meaning. In dream states or without a stable reference point such as the body, experience is timeless, which means, it does not necessarily have continuance. That means, one can experience a much wider range of creations (perceptions) because things do not necessarily have to change into their later selves, but can coexist. In your body you do not experience a billion cats, but you experience your cat in different moods and positions, and you refer to it as the same cat. Without time, you would have all these states of the cat simultaneously. Therefore, without a body one can experience immediate creation, not bound by causal laws. Yet for someone stuck in the body, it takes time to learn that, because being stuck in a role, he will recreate the role and the environment (more or less) and abide by the causal laws even though they no longer are necessary. Precisely learning the creative possibilities when not bound by a physical expression is shedding the roles. When the roles are not being fed by physical feedback, they eventually wane, but indeed, it is worthwhile for you to learn how to do that while in the body. Of course, you do it by relating to your perception knowingly instead of relating to how things are ‘out there' in a so-called objective reality. That's taking real control of your life instead of falling into the trap of being victimized by circumstances. That's also what creates your resonance. When you change your inner patterns, you change your emotional make up and by that, you change your resonance.

Awareness can either be or not be an identity when it is not engaging in self-reference. Isn't that what I have been teaching all along? To not be self-conscious? To not refer back to the self? To not lock up one's energy and focus into the self, which activity borders and defines who and what the person is? Being aware of one's perceptions on the other hand is being aware of the process of awareness instead of the object of awareness reduced to being a limited self, a "Still".

Yes, you can say that my "identity" is the lawfulness and yes, that is my awareness. But my "identity" is your definition, your perception, the structure of which indeed, is my awareness. And yes, inspiration is when relations gain meaning. Your concepts are rather correct. However, your language is still a language of stills, of how things really are, etc. Try to adjust your language, because it is the process of definition that gives meaning, and when you do it "right", it opens new ways of thinking and perceiving. Nothing that you can think of is really so or not so. What you think is the expression of your way of thinking and it is here that the game begins. Focus on how you think, not whether what you thought is right or wrong, true or false. That's immaterial. You create your thoughts, so do it knowingly by being aware of how you create your thoughts. What you should do, what is the right mode of relating, what is the lawfulness and structure of things, these are your concepts, the "Significance" of things. How you define, whether that way of defining opens the doors to solutions and new ways of thinking, that's the structure of things - as I have pointed out earlier, more important than information, if you want to learn and enrich yourself. Blessings.

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