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SHET Sessions

Perhaps, the best way to introduce the SHET sessions is by sharing with you SHET'S wisdom and depth through a few excerpts from the SHET material.

The following quotes were randomly picked from sessions and are but a tiny part of the extensive variety of subjects discussed by SHET.

SHET quotes

SHET Sessions | rational, existence, definition philosophy and culture definition  


The New Millenium
You all speculate about what the new millennium will be like.
Why do We Get Worse when Life Conditions Get Better?

At times, you get stuck in a problem or area, and no matter the rationalization, you feel stuck. Trapped. This may even happen in a period when, in general, things are getting better in your life, when you are freed of worries in some areas. That's what I want to speak about.

About Aging, Mistrusting One's Judgment and How SHET Thinks

Isn't it uncanny how one tends to urge the failure side of the scale to outweigh the success side when one starts aging? Or is it perhaps aging that allows such deterioration of perception as one's eyesight weakens? Feebleness causes insecurity or perhaps, it is the other way? Might not distrust of one's own judgment devastate the agility of youth? Could unwillingness to be wrong raise the issue of necessary certainty in the future? Where is the adventurer? The little frightened good girl grew up, and learned, and acquired experience, and learned, but to what end? To stand in front of the mirror and find decrepitude of will and body, or to dare to live?

Yes, dare to live, that's the best anti-aging potion.

What Happens at Death, Self-Awareness and Menopause
Q: I have what I believe to be minor, unimportant, blood clots in my legs. Will HRT be problematic here?

I am doing homework on menopause. I have really gotten nowhere. Medical science has had success and failure. Please tell me what you mean that I should welcome this period in my life. My rhythms are up and down, hot and cold. I don't know how to cope with this.

Where to examine my beliefs in the psychic structure? In the spiritual realm, where to look? I need a comprehensive spiritual, psychical and physical examination.

Is there an awareness before birth? Is a person aware of his death? Is death more like a dream state?


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