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 Why do We Get Worse when Life Conditions Get Better?

At times, you get stuck in a problem or area, and no matter the rationalization, you feel stuck. Trapped. This may even happen in a period when, in general, things are getting better in your life, when you are freed of worries in some areas. That's what I want to speak about.

The mechanism at work here is the same law that says, an object will continue its motion unless stopped or, it will stay put unless moved. There is the familiar: no matter how bad it is, no matter how much suffering it causes, no matter how much you hold on with your teeth and nails to go on, that's the familiar. Then something happens, and your lot is bettered. What happens then to the energy you were used to invest into improving conditions in that area? It gets transferred to other areas. Only, it gets transferred exactly as it is, which means, if it is "negative" energy, it gets transferred as such. Now an area that was a small problem becomes a big problem because you continue using the same attack/defense mechanisms you had used previously in the now improved area. Consequently, the newly inflated problem with all its negative energy becomes overwhelming because you are used to live with problems containing a certain amount of "negative" energy, which is the familiar.

The change incurred by improving one or more areas requires a readjustment of your wavelength (that now consists of two disharmonious wavelength synchronously), which - more often than not - is a dubitable pleasure. Furthermore, the additional concentration of "negative" energy does not improve matters. The latter often creates self-destructive tendencies, which for instance, is the reason why people of the working class who suddenly win on the lottery, destroy their lives. While having a reasonable family life with some problems, they have been fighting to survive all along. Now, all of a sudden, they no longer need to fight to survive, but the family problems grow out of proportion: they get divorced, addicted, etc. Also, when suddenly handled kindly, a person who was used to being abused may act destructively toward the source of the sudden goodness, not being familiar with it, he is unable to contain it. Often reaching the age of retirement when they could do all what they had planned throughout their lives, some people get sick and die instead. All these examples portray the same mechanism at work: the "negative" energy that was utilized to aid survival is now used for self-destruction. Reaching a point in their lives when everything goes well for them, some people become terminally ill. They don't know how to dissolve the "negative" energy and consequently, they engage in self-destruction. Telling these people that they caused their illness, that they cause their own problems, does not always help, even if they accept the principle. Indeed, while being their roles, they did not choose it, but in the larger framework - the choice was made by ignorance.

It is possible to work this out by first becoming aware of the mechanism, and second, by tracing the negative energy back to where it served survival whereas now it causes destruction, entrapment and etc. Of course, then it is possible to transform it into positive, creative energy.

It should not be understood that each of you is born with a certain amount of energy, a given amount, and that's it; but when one is unaware of the aforementioned mechanism as well as stuck in a role (acquiring the characteristics of matter), without being connected to a transcendental framework, then the amount of energy is a rather given datum.

Another law connected to this phenomenon is the law of least effort which says that everything goes in the direction of least effort. Again, a phenomenological law pertaining to matter. The reason that the "negative" energy flows into the problem zone and does not dissipate over the entire area is that the problem zones consist of lower levels of energy requiring more combating energy than other, non-problem areas. And since the law of least effort applied to attention means that one's attention will fall to the lowest levels of energy, by transporting the "negative" energy to these areas as a carrier wave, it will thereby inflate problems instead of solving them.

The best way to readjust the nature of this energy would be by means of directing one's attention in the direction of the mechanism involved instead of toward the problem area flooded with the excess "negative" energy.


Read more about how to direct one's attention in How can your Attention be Utilized as your Energy?

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