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How to Go to Hell with Least Effort?

Have you ever wondered why this era, when information is so readily available, is dominated by superficiality? Why is it, that when there are so many books, people read less? Why do the language skills of the younger generations become poorer and poorer? And why are there more and more children with learning disabilities? Why the proliferation of so many addictions, and obsessive/compulsive behavior patterns? And why are most people indifferent toward the imminent danger of global warming, the disappearance of honeybees, the daily extinction of animal and plant species?

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Should We Strive to Elminiate Negative Emotions?

Every emotion has a role in the appropriate situation. However, being stuck in any emotion - be it frustration or heavenly bliss - is bad, and it is a sign of deficiency in the person's ability to relate to his environment.

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White Lies: To Lie or not to Lie?

How often were we told, "be good," or "do not hurt others." Many good people conduct their lives based on the motto: "do not hurt others." Most of us cry or cringe with pain when confronted with suffering, and we want to stop it. To these people, the idea of causing suffering is detestable. How often have you lied in order to avoid hurting someone?

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