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"Abstraction"The logical structure of an object, which is a dynamic pattern that includes all possible realizations of that object.

ACHARAIYUT is responsibility in Hebrew, or rather response-ability. ACHERIYUT (the same spelling in Hebrew as ACHARAIYUT) is otherness, the cognizance of the other in you.


ACHERIYUT (the same spelling in Hebrew as ACHARAIYUT - responsibility) is response-ability or otherness, the cognizance of the other in you.

"ADAM KADMON"Primordial Man in Hebrew. According to the Cabala, the infrastructure of all Creation. SHET.
"All-That-Is"1. The indefinite in its basic creative aspect as a paradox. 2. God. 3. Totaity. 4. Wholeness.

The harbinger of perception, relating.

"Awe"The experience of the merging of the Immanent with the Transcendent.
"Axiom"An intuitively stated self-evident truth.
"Beliefs"Those relations or sets of relations that create the framework of our conduct and what there is, as we observe it. Our perception of how things are, ways of relating to things, the value content.
"Bubble syndrome"The state that forces one's attention back onto himself.
"Complexity"True complexity is complex all the way through, with no starting point and no possibility of reduction. It is the dynamic of interacting non-linear processes preserving consistency.
"Consciousness"The isomorphous structure of the process of definition, which brings about perception and experience.
"Consistency"A paradox in that it infers the necessity of defined conclusions in order to ascertain that they fit the premises, and yet these conclusions can only have meaning if they also have a structure. Structure necessarily means that it includes also the indefinite, in which case, the conclusions cannot be totally defined. So the only way to achieve consistency is by way of the dynamics of paradoxes.
"Continuous, the"Infinite resolution.

1. The process of definition. 2. The self-perpetuating dynamic aspect of the loop, it has no start in time and it did not end when there was something. Its self-perpetuating aspect is the uncertainty of sameness.

"Definition, process of"The act of bordering a segment of the indefinite by means of parameters. The act of defining is explicitly inclusive and implicitly exclusive.

A relation establishing multiplicity.

"Dimension"The range over which something defined extends, which could be, for instance, space or time.
"Discretization"1. The act of creating separate sequential measurable entities within a continuous field. 2. Defining. 3. Parameterization.
"Dynamic"The process of relating.
"EICHUT"Quality in Hebrew. It designates one of the qualitative dimensions of the loop logic (representing non-being, potential, responsibility/response-ability, light, love, gravity, etc.)
"Emotion"Mainly, the expression of how we measure the reality we perceive as opposed to or in accordance with how it should be. Emotion can be looked upon roughly as a structure created by 1) beliefs, value judgments, condensed thought - the mental aspect, 2) the fused traumatic contents - the somatic aspect, and 3) the spiritual aspect, the ability to respond.
"Emotional deficiency"The unwillingness or inability to observe, which in turn leads to an inability to learn, which brings about a lessened ability to interact with the environment and erroneous decision-making.
"Existence"The logical necessity inferred by the loop.
"Experience"1. The impact of something new on the system, which it tries to digest by adjusting itself to remain consistent while integrating the inconsistency it encountered. 2. Trying to define the indefinite unsuccessfully, yet assimilating the attempt.


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