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Term Definition
"Paradox, first-degree"Within the ‘if-then' logical structure of a first-degree paradox, the ‘then' is the opposite of the ‘if'.
"Paradox, second-degree"Within the ‘if-then' logical structure of a second-degree paradox, the ‘then' is the almost opposite of the ‘if'.
"Parameter"Measurement by means of well defined relations.
"Proposition"A sentence stating something, i.e., "all men are mortal".
"Pumpkin"My gorgeous 20-pound black cat. Wink
"Quality"That oneness from whence multiplicity emanates.
"Quantity"The measurable, the world as we experience it, the manifold.
"Relation"Reference that gives meaning to both the referring entity and also the referent.
"Retromorphous"Defining in retrospect, turning non-being into the potential of whatever the observation is made from. It is creating the past from the present, creating the source from its outcome. The basis of complexity.
"Sameness"A relation establishing identity.

The ability to not focus upon yourself, the ability to give others your full attention.

"SHET"ADAM KADMON or Primordial Man in Hebrew. According to the Cabala, the infrastructure of all Creation.
"Significance"The still emerging from the gestalt background when the process of definition interacts with the indefinite. This definition consists of parameters, which are the relations of the defined object with itself and the rest of the world. It persists by preserving its fixed inner relations through time.
"Something from ‘Nothing’"It is the loop attributing meaning to ‘Nothing' from something with the purpose of creating the something that created the meaning of ‘Nothing' from this ‘Nothing.' Formation.
"Stabilization"Convergence of a dynamic process into a repetitive pattern. Creation of a repetitive pattern, i.e., a periodic process.
"Still"The description of something frozen, unmoving.
"Structure"The lawfulness governing the emergence of meaning.
"TIKSHORET"Communication in Hebrew. It designates one of the qualitative dimensions of the loop logic (representing relations, awareness, energy, etc.)

1. The indefinite in its basic creative aspect as a paradox. 2. All-That-Is. 3. God. 4. Wholeness.

"Truth"The belief stating how things are.
"Uncertainty of sameness"

The dynamics of a still. It is the indefinite within the definite.

"Unknow"To cease being a separate entity who has opinions and judgment - it means to stop knowing about. Refraining from the act of defining and thereby creating uncertainty.


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