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Term Definition
"First Meaning"The self-aware God which is the fixed reference point for any possibility of meaning, which is the whole loop.
"Focus"1. The measurement that collapses a potential into being. 2. The act of creating reality. 3. A way of relating, a definition which creates something definite from the indefinite.
"Freedom of choice"The ability to choose what price you are willing to pay.
"God"1. The indefinite in its basic creative aspect as a paradox. 2. All-That-Is. 3. Totality. 4. Wholeness.
"Heralding"The activity of extracting information from the Indefinite.
"Holophany"Manifesting wholeness.
"If"Boundary conditions that define the following ‘then'.
"Inconsistency"Conclusions definable to the degree of contradicting the premises.
"Indefinite"1. Anything as long as it is not specified. 2. Anything that appears both within and beyond the borders of the definition and thereby rendering the border superfluous. 3. No border, no definition.
"Inference"The act of deriving a valid conclusion from true or false propositions.
"Infinitesimal tail"

The discrepancy between the almost values of a quasi-stabilized process.

"Intelligent love"That balance wherein you are both connected to the God consciousness and also connect others by demanding responsibility.
"Isomorphism"The same logical structure in entirely different representations.
"Lawfulness"A repetitive pattern of action. Within the loop, the repetitive pattern of action is inferred by logical necessity.
"Logic, conventional"Valid or invalid reasoning related to true or false statements.
"Logic, loop"The dynamic structure of perception.
"Loop of Creation, the"The dynamic language, which not only describes notions or objects external to it, but actually unfolds them. The loop is not the description, but the thing itself. It is the language of perception, the language of meaning, the language of Creation. It includes the tools of definition in the definition.
"Loop, the"The logical science of Creation.
"MAHUT"Essence in Hebrew. Connected to the First Meaning, it is a combination of both howness and whatness. As the quantitative dimensions unfold, the how and what diverge and create each other.
"MAKOR"Source in Hebrew. It designates one of the qualitative dimensions of the loop logic (representing consciousness, liveliness, the manifest God, the process of definition, the formative essence of every existence, including every matter particle etc.)
"Meaning"1. The significance gained by the process of definition. 2. The recognition of a pattern of relations that, generalized to an abstraction, can have different expressions. In other words, the recognition of an abstract generalized significance as a result of a repetitive pattern, a group including similar concepts. The recognition of an average. 3. There are two kinds of meaning: meaning that is significance, which is meaning in quantity (which has continuity in time), and meaning that is structure, which is meaning in quality (which has continuity in its logical evolution).
"Memory"The ability to re-create past states.
"Non-being"The abstractification of totality taken to the extreme of the meaningless.
"Paradox"The dynamics of inferring the then from the if and vice versa, where the if and the then are opposites or almost opposites. The contradiction between structure and significance that lead to each other.


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